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Indian Spearmint oil is sowed in spring season between February to March. It is harvested between May-June. Spearmint oil is used in Medicine, Paste, Chips, Namkeen, Oral Care, flavour, Chewing Gum.

Price are too down to buy and stock this Vetiver oil, no over production but price are very attractive to buy and stock US$ 180.00. Vetiver oil price is just half price than last year 2020 in India.

Harvesting new crop start for 2022 in India. New crop Tagetes Oil is not good quality available in market for year 2022 due to regular rains. Currently Tagetes Oil price are HIGH, due to rare availability. Tagetes Oil price is approx US $ 125.00 per kg

Cultivation area for Spearmint Oil in India is only 50% as compared to year 2020. No stock carryover natural spearmint oil from year 2020. Current wholesale price of Spearmint Oil is approx US$ 30.00.

Cultivation area of this year 2021 is same as last year in India. Not good quantity stock carryover form year 2020. Current price of Peppermint is approx US$ 32.50.p /kg. Very attractive Price and hope for increase, if demand create for natural Piperita. New crop fresh Peppermint oil will arrive in month of June 2022.

Indian prices are daily up & down of Peppermint oil, because this is a valuable product of menthe arvensis. Price is around USD 13.00 for terpeneless mint oil.

Esteemed production of Palmrosa oil is on lower side and will be reduced this year also. Current of Palmrosa oil wholesale price is US$ 30-00. Currently oil quality is not good.

Sowing area of Mentha Arvensis crop was more than compare to last year 2020 in India. Current price USD 14.30 /kg for crude oil.

L. Limonene is byproduct of DMO. Wholesale price of L. Limonene is approx US$ 2-50 /kg in India.

Market price for Lemongrass oil is increasing due to less sowing area than last year. Current Indian wholesale price is approx US$ 24.00 for BEST natural oil. Big Production was in 2020. So farmers get very low price, they reduced production in 2021.