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We have best quality Natural oil products

Sandeep Chemicals KOSHAR certified , PRE-REGISTERED REACH ,ISO 9001-2015, GMP , Haccp and USFDA REGISTERED COMAPANY, is a manufacturer exporter of natural essential oils, mint oils and aromatic chemicals with own agriculture farm and distillation plant .

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Founder of Sandeep Chemicals
Sandeep Chemicals Founder

— Our Excellence

Sandeep Chemicals established in 1995 at Budaun (U.P.) India. This place is called mint valley of India. It is the best place to grow natural mentha oil and natural essential oil in India. We grow Essential Oil and also involved in contract farming. We have our own distillation plant to help farmers for distillation of their crop. We purchase distilled product from farmers at our place. It gives quality satisfaction to our valued customer. Our International buyers have trust to our supply. Our turnover is growing year by year. We also show accurate price of oils in our market update section.o.

— Production facility

  • Food grade storage tank made of stainless steel.
  • Steam distillation unit to extract oil from herbs.
  • Gas chromatograph with capillary columns.
  • Pilot distillation apparatus.
  • 2 micro filters made of stainless steel are use before packing oil.
Lab Image
Sandeep Chemical Lab

We have best quality Natural oil products